5th Conference
Professional Knowledge Management
Experiences and Visions
25th of March to 27th of March, Solothurn


The 5th conference take place in Solothurn (Switzerland).


Solothurn is situated at the foothills of Jura mountain range and the river Aare. Solothurn is considered to be the finest baroque town in Switzerland, but is also known as St. Ursen City, Wengi City, the City of Ambassadors, and the City of Culture. Solothurn combines Italien grandeur with French charm and Swiss stability. Saints, heroes and the noble have influenced the history and character of Solothurn. For the one a cathedral was built, for others bridges, fountains, a town hall. Therefore, Solothurn has a numerous places of interests, like Basel Gate, Old Arsenal Museum, St. Ursen Cathedral, Jesuit Church.

For further information please visit the tourismus web sites of Solothurn.

For a virtual impression please enter Solothurn virtuell.

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