5th Conference
Professional Knowledge Management
Experiences and Visions
25th of March to 27th of March, Solothurn

IKMS2009 - 2nd Workshop on Integrated Knowledge Management Systems


Information systems supporting knowledge management (KM), in brief knowledge management systems (KMS), are subject of research and practical application since more than a decade. Nevertheless, analyses show that user acceptance and usage of KMS vary significantly in different settings, ranging from high utilization to complete rejection. Empirical findings suggest that integration is a key success factor for the adaptation and efficient usage of KMS. Integration in this context has several dimensions: Firstly, it means to arrange and connect the different technical functionalities of a KMS or its components to deliver a consistent and integrated user experience. In addition to this, the KMS should be integrated soundly into the application landscape of the respective organization. Secondly, it means to embed a KMS into the business processes as seamlessly as possible so that users perceive it as a helpful, daily used tool (instead of a separate, isolated system). Thirdly, in a networked economy integration means to connect KMS across organizational boundaries. The ideally integrated KMS offers a rich set of well orchestrated functionalities, is imperceptible as a separate system because it is fully embedded into daily work processes and is seamlessly connected within value network surrounding its host organization. The workshop aims to provide a forum to discuss issues and exchange experiences about the successful implementation of KMS, where integration is one important line of thought which can be complemented by other important success factors.

Topics of Interest

Accepted Papers


Session 1 (Wednesday, 25.03.2009)
14:00 - 15:30 Knowledge Valuation Management – Ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz zur integrativen strategischen Wissensplanung Hagen Schorcht, Mathias Petsch, Volker Nissen
Knowledge Centers in Professional Services Firms - An Exploratory Study Benjamin Juntermanns, Stefan Smolnik, Michael Hertlein and Gerold Riempp
Integriertes prozessorientiertes Wissensportal der CREDIT SUISSE Oliver Meili
Session 2 (Wednesday, 25.03.2009)
16:00 - 17:30 Wissen - Bedeutung und Inhalte: Eine Reise durch 2.500 Jahre der Philosophie (INVITED SPEAKER) Heiner Müller-Merbach
Complying with the Rules of Asimov Renate Luise Ackermann
Session 3 (Thursday, 26.03.2009)
09:30 - 11:00 Semantic Business Analytics in Industrial Facilities – a Case Study Juergen Angele and Eddie Mönch
Woogle – On Why and How to Marry Wikis with Enterprise Search Hans-Joerg Happel
Semantic MediaWiki+ als Wissensplattform für Unternehmen Daniel Hansch, Hans-Peter Schnurr and Peter Pissierssens

Workshop Organisation

Prof. Dr. Gerold Riempp
Prof. Dr. Stefan Smolnik

Program Committee (as for now)

Andrea Back, University of St. Gallen
Norbert Gronau, University of Potsdam
Josef Hofer-Alfeis, Amontis Consulting AG
Christine Legner, European Business School (EBS)
Ronald Maier, Leopold-Franzens-Universtiy Innsbruck
Ludwig Nastansky, University of Paderborn
Gerold Riempp, European Business School (EBS) (Chair)
Hans-Peter Schnurr, ontoprise GmbH
Stefan Smolnik, European Business School (EBS)
Susanne Strahringer, University of Dresden
Harald von Kortzfleisch, University of Koblenz-Landau

Further Information

For further information visit http://www.ebs.edu/index.php?id=ikms2009
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